Aviation is the meaning of life based on “an amazing sense of independence, freedom, self-importance that the sky gives to a person.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


"The IBA represents the world aviation - a community of graduates of aerospace universities, a corporation of people in love with the Sky. Sky and Earth are two uncontrollable elements, two incomprehensible facets of our existence, endlessly developing and beautiful in themselves. Only by combining these two matters, we get the highest and most noble feeling inherent in all living things, giving us happiness and grace - this is Harmony! We are professional aviators and our goal is to harmonize everything around us as much as possible, becoming intermediaries between Sky and Earth, filling the world with joy and light!"

Sadykov Dmitry
President of the IBA

"I highly appreciate the mission and initiative to act as a global advocate for aviation education, as well as to represent, promote and support the interests of its members ."

Olumuiv Bernard Aliu
President of ICAO, Graduate of KIIGA, Honorary Doctor of NAU, Honorary President of the Graduate Association

"I wish you that fate gives you productive ideas and challenges of socially important affairs, so that you always have the courage to form bold ideas, so that you have enough patience and diligence to implement them, so that you always glad for the successes of friends and colleagues, and your successes please others."

Isaenko Vladimir
Rector of the National Aviation University, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine

Heaven has chosen us!

It is impossible to imagine modern life without civil aviation: comfortable and safe. Have you ever wondered what this global industry is, which has become an indispensable part of our daily life?

Civil aviation, civil air fleet (CAF) is a large-scale branch of air transport, which provides: passenger transportation, large-sized civil and postal transportation, is actively used for aerial photography of the terrain, mineral exploration, protection of forests (extinguishing fires, etc.), for medical and sanitary purposes.

Civil aviation owns a park of aircraft and helicopters, a network of air lines, airports, airfields with a system of technical facilities, radio and weather stations, factories and repair and technical bases, educational and research institutions.

Civil aviation

This is the work of many stakeholders who set themselves complex and modern tasks, including:


concerns about the development and safety of aviation;


support of educational institutions providing diploma programs in the field of aviation and aerospace industry, as well as representatives and graduates of these universities;


cooperation with highly qualified specialists who ensure the growth and development of the industry;

At the moment, civil aviation is an indispensable industry in the development of modern society, without which positive growth of the economy and industry around the world is impossible. Therefore, the interested parties, of course, are in solidarity with us and are glad to have the opportunity to discuss issues in this area with an organization capable of representing international aviation/the community of graduates of aerospace universities.

Who is an IBA aviator?

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of the first flight. The unforgettable sensations of being in the majestic heavenly space, the professionalism of the aviation staff and the comfort that accompanies us during the flight. This is a work of the highest level and thanks to this work, people, like birds, have become more confident in the sky.

Do you remember the impressions when the pilot is applauded when the plane lands? This is the essence of the aviator’s profession, because the initial impulse of a person of such a difficult but fascinating fate is characterized by a sense of duty, honor and service to the ideals of humanity.

In the profession of an aviator, a fine line is laid between spirituality and professional community, that surprisingly represents the faces of these people: free, full of honor, responsibility, bright feelings of being in one of the most mysterious and boundless spaces of our Universe. Wizards who are intermediaries between heaven and earth.

We are grateful to Sky that it gives us a feeling of free soaring of the soul!

We are popularizing aviationand cosmonautics


We are always up to date with aviation events and news


We represent and support the interests of the IBA participants


What do we offer?

The IBA organization is the more than 30-year history of the initiative of the association of aviators from all over the world. Popularizing aviators as the avantgarde of modern society and a titanic mechanism for the development of mankind as a whole, we are delighted to observe the ever-growing and well-deserved interest of the younger generation in civil aviation. From the moment of its foundation to the present day, we maintain regular communication within the Association and accept all new generations of future aviators into our ranks. We never tire of conquering the Sky and encourage others to get closer to the incredible feeling of soaring above the Earth!

Strengthen professional, scientific and corporate ties

Civil aviation is a field of activity that requires innovative solutions and constant progress in its development. The need of modern society for safe and efficient transportation is very great.


To educate qualified specialists in the field of civil aviation

Starting their journey in 1988, on the basis of the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers, the founders of the IBA realized the special importance of supporting graduates of aviation universities, as well as the possibility of continuity and knowledge exchange between generations.


Improve the IBA platform

The future of civil aviation is in the caring hearts of everyone who has given himself to the service of Sky. Airlines are developing at a high speed, presenting us with new solutions for more reliable and practical transportation, which means that the ideas of the IBA do not stand still and need their consistent development.


Our projects

Creating  and holding of forums

Creating and holding of forums

Creating and holding of forums, festivals and meetings
to maintain the relevance of the aims and tasks, as well as the mission of the IBA.

Creating and conducting tourist projects

Creating and conducting tourist projects

Creating and conducting tourist projects, joint trips
and excursions to places of aviation glory, in order to educate and instruct future generations of aviators.

Creating  and holding of sports events and competitions

Creating and holding of sports events and competitions

Creating and holding of sports events and competitions,
allowing to maintain and rally the fighting spirit of the Brotherhood.

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What do the IBA participants say?

Alexander Sokolovpilot, first President of the IBA, Yakutsk

In our profession, it is difficult to remain "just a pilot". It is necessary to grow, to develop the world around us through ourselves, bringing it closer to more and more effective and safe solutions, which, collectively, are civil aviation. The IBA gives me the opportunity to define the vector of self-development.

Andrey Tolstikhinentrepreneur, Khmelnitsky

At the IBA, I felt what a community of ideas is. This is a full-fledged association that supports regular communication with each other and what is especially valuable is regular spending time together. Spending time with benefit, interest, in a good company of people close in spirit is perhaps the best thing you can wish for in this life!

Kirill Bobrovnikinvestor, Moscow

The foundation of the IBA gave us the opportunity to always be together, despite the work and the distances that we overcome every day. People in our profession are well understand how is important friendship and support. The IBA gives the opportunity to always be there to solve any issues and tasks.

Alexander Voloshinentrepreneur, Kiev

My way to the IBA is a constant work on myself, self-development and improvement of my qualities, including professional ones. Participation in a such unique association will help all aviators, especially young ones, to feel the soul of our common cause with their hearts, to find the first steps on the path to true adulthood. Destinies are changing here, opening up more and more new facets of flight!

Berdier Chinpulatovbusinessman, Tashkent

Participation in the IBA immediately determined my introduction into the "soul" of the organization, because never before, since my student days, have I been so subdued by the sincerity and community of people who devoted themselves to aviation. I would like to express my special gratitude for the regular meetings of the leaders of the Brotherhood, for that I am always ready to postpone my business: despite the crazy rhythm of life and multitasking everyday life, the IBA is a breath of fresh air whenever it is necessary to feel in business again!

Ruslan DubininEconomist, Moscow

My tribute to aviation is that you are always in the state of a pioneer. It is simply impossible to get bored, but it is important for me, like any person, to have my own shelter. Especially in the IBA I found the part of myself that is always charged with the drive and energy of regular meetings of the Brotherhood, the team that inspires and leaves behind only positive emotions. These are the best and most devoted friends, communication at the level of soul flight and an irreplaceable feeling of love for life, your business and aviation!

Our galery

Meeting of the graduates of Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers in 2018.

IBA-2019 Conference in Minsk

The IBA conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the end of Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers in 2018.

A memorial album of IBA participants, we are waiting for your photos!

The beginning of the history of the Brotherhood of Aviators in 1988.

Meeting of the IBA regional leaders in 2018

Opening of the IBA Summit in honor of the 30th anniversary of friendship in 2019.

The founders of the IBA during their studies at Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers in 1994.