Badge of an IBA participant

Responsibility, diligence and dedication to aviation are a distinctive feature of each of the IBA participants. The members of the Brotherhood who have shown the greatest activity in the activities of the organization will forever remain in our history and are awarded with a unique badge of an IBA participant.

The badge of the IBA participant is a symbol of our strong friendship and loyalty to the IBA mission.

Нагрудный знак участника МБА

The obverse of the badge is an image of wings, symbolizing the state of flight, familiar and native to every aviator.

Also on the main side there is an IBA motto and an indication of the educational institution that the owner of the badge graduated from.

The reverse includes the year of issue of the badge and a unique number for each participant.
Badge certificate

Honorary membership in the IBA is:

  • Your professional participation in the main events of the organization
  • Your historical contribution to the future of the Brotherhood
  • Your privileges and discounts in economic matters of membership

Mandatory conditions for obtaining a badge and the IBA participant’s certificate:

  • membership in the organization for more than a year;
  • active life position;
  • participation in the life of the organization: meetings, forums, festivals;
  • activities aimed at improving the organization;
  • assistance in conducting local and regional events.

The badge and the IBA participant’s certificate are a way to show their leadership qualities and contribute to the development of the future of civil aviation, aimed at bringing together the best representatives of the region. Becoming an honorary member of the Brotherhood, you will always be motivated to reach new heights and will never be “left out” of the main events of our professional industry.

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