Aviation and cosmonautics in general, and Civil Aviation in particular, is a transnational sphere of human activity in which numerous and diverse interested organizations and enterprises take part. Being in this space , the IBA has set its goal:

  • to unite the best aviation specialists, IBA participants, as well as scientists, students and representatives of the global civil aviation industry for comprehensive cooperation;
  • strengthen professional, scientific and corporate ties;
  • provide assistance to those in need;
  • to educate and present to the world qualified specialists in the field of civil aviation;
  • to assist interested organizations in developing strategies for training the next generations of aviation specialists;
  • to assist in the management and support of the development of the international civil aviation system;
  • establish cooperation with interested parties, with governments and international organizations;
  • maximize cooperation with higher aviation educational institutions;
  • improve the IBA platform;
  • to facilitate meetings of IBA participants for the exchange of ideas and discussions, creating forums, conferences, festivals;

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