Any global industry has a higher task, the “soul” of the enterprise and a goal that unites the hearts of people for the sake of a great common cause. We are proud that we can unite people of many professions. Every person who sincerely loves aviation and is ready to serve the great goal of conquering the airspace for the benefit of humanity is important to us.

Being one of the most progressive branches of the economy and industry, we strive to popularize civil aviation, represent our fellow citizens as the elite and vanguard of modern society, continuing to work and contribute to the development of mankind.

The mission of the IBA is to be an international community of people in love with the sky. People striving for professionalism in the field of aviation, moral maturation and comprehensive development.

We are proud to be:

  • professionals in their field, we strive only forward and upward;
  • propagandists of the aviation community at the international level;
  • we are popularizing aviation and cosmonautics;
  • we develop and support the steady progress of civil aviation;
  • we are always up to date with aviation events and news;
  • we represent and support the interests of the IBA participants;

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