The year 1988 was a year of experiments and discoveries in the field of aviation. In 1988, flight tests of the medium-haul passenger aircraft Tu-204 began, production of the 400th series, the best-selling modification of the Boeing-747 family, was started. In 1988, the first flight of the Soviet wide-body passenger aircraft IL-96-300 took place, the first flight of the AN-225 Mriya aircraft (one of the largest and heaviest aircraft in the world, the founders of the IBA witnessed the historic flight of the Mriya and Buran over Kiev).

All this has become an indicator of the large-scale development of the need for civil aviation, the discovery of not only “new heights”, but also new “latitudes” — the time has come for long distances and dimensional movements.

Competent and high-quality work of aviation and cosmonautics is the key to the success of all sectors of society, from the economy to industry.

One thing became clear: there is no way back and the only vector of development is further cooperation and maximized unification of aviation specialists of “aerobatics”.

Thus, since 1988, the history of the Brotherhood’s development begins, symbolically sealed by the friendship of the founding members on the basis of the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers.

In 2017, the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization – the UN specialized agency for civil aviation) recommended creating a basis for a new international association of aviation and aerospace universities, with the aim of regular meetings of their representatives. The initiative was supported in 2018 by the fraternity of graduates of the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers (now the National Aviation University).

On September 7, 2018, in Minsk, at the international Summit of Graduates of aviation Universities, it was announced the creation of the International Association of Graduates of Aviation and Aerospace Universities – the International Brotherhood of Aviators (IBA). In 2019, the IBA Conference was held in Minsk, where delegates from all over the Eurasian space gathered.

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